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Microsoft Excel 2010 Developer Tab

Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful applications within the Office suite. It also lets you add some programmatic power to it, you can use your programming skills to automate tasks in Excel. Two examples of this scenario are VBA and Macros. Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 include the ‘Developer’ tab which lets you add code chunks to your Excel sheet, also it is a great way to access various Options.

How To Enable The Developer Tab?

The Developers tab is disabled by default, to enable it click the Office button and then choose Options.

Options Excel The Excel Options dialogue box will be displayed, click the Customize Ribbon option.

Customize Ribbon

Now check the Developer option in the right sidebar and hit OK.

Excel Deverloper Tab

That’s it, you will find the Developer tab on the Ribbon.

Developer Tab

A Bird’s Eye View Of The Developer Tab’s Options

The Developer tab contains different useful options for developers. All of the available options of the developer tab are categorized into the following five:

  • Code
  • Add-In
  • Controls
  • XML
  • Modify


The Code section contains different options. The Visual Basic option lets you launch the Visual Basic Editor, Macros launches the list of all the created/recorded Macros, Record Macro lets you create a new Macro. The Macro Security options lets you play with the security aspects of the Macro.

Code Developer tab


The Add-Ins option lets you enable Excel’s Add-Ins like the Solver, COM Add-Ins options enables the COM add-in which is useful for developers as it aids in writing common object models.



It includes functionality to add the user-interface controls like ActiveX controls to your Excel spreadsheet. You can move between Code and Design Mode, and can play with the Control’s Properties and run Dialog.



The XML portion contains useful options for XML coding in Excel. It provides options to write XML source code, Import and Export XML files, Map and refresh your XML data.



The Modify section contains the Document Panel option only.

Document Panel


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