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Microsoft Office Word 2010 Shortcut Keys [Tips]

In this post we have quickly compiled some useful Word 2010 hotkeys. For those who don’t know, we are covering tips on Microsoft Office 2010 for a  few months now, and have covered quite some tips on Word 2010 as well. In order to work faster and improve your productivity, here is a short list of shortcuts available in Word 2010.

Key Behavior
CTRL+SHIFT+A converts the selected text to capital letters or vice versa
CTRL+SHIFT+F Displays the Font dialog box.
CTRL+SHIFT+G Displays the Word Count dialog box.
CTRL+SHIFT+S Displays the Apply Styles task pane.
ALT+R Displays the Review tab
ALT+CTRL+1 Apply Heading 1, Similarly ALT + CTRL + 2 will apply heading 2
CTRL+SHIFT+L Applies Bullets
CTRL+SHIFT+F5 Bookmark
CTRL + B Bold Text
CTRL + I Italic Text
CTRL + U Underline Text
CTRL+E Navigate to the center Paragraph
CTRL+SHIFT+C Copy Format
ALT+SHIFT+F7 Dictionary
ALT+CTRL+S Splits the Document
CTRL+SHIFT+D Double Underline
CTRL+END End of Document
END End of line
CTRL+SHIFT+P Font size select
SHIFT+F5 or ALT+CTRL+Z Go Back to previous state
CTRL+SHIFT+. Grow Font
CTRL+] Grow Font one point
ALT+SHIFT+R Header Footer Link
CTRL+K Hyperlink
CTRL+M Indentation
CTRL+J Justifies Paragraph
ALT+F8 Inserts Macros
ALT+SHIFT+K Mail Merge Check
F10 Menu Mode
ALT+F7 Moves to the Next Misspelling
CTRL+H Replace
CTRL+P Print
CTRL+SHIFT+F12 Also launches Print
F12 Save As
SHIFT+F7 Thesaurus
ALT+SHIFT+T Time Field


  1. We should not judge people by their peak of excellence;

    but by the distance they have travelled from the point where they started.

  2. How about grouping and ungrouping objects? I cannot go to that Ribbon and press that grouping button all the time especially when I’m in a hurry.. ^^” 😀 So is there any way?

  3. How do I create shortcut key or control key when inserting repetitive text in a word document?

  4. Does anyone know why the word count from CTRL+SHIFT+G is sometimes different from the word count on the readability statistics

  5. Shortcut to insert symbols, we use alt+XXX. But it is not working in Office 2010. How do i do the same operation in Office 2010? Thanks in advance

  6. Is there a shortcut to display the Paragraph dialog box (something akin to Ctrl+D to display the Font dialog box)? Many thanks.

  7. I had a list of Folders in my Documents but one Folder shortcut is missing.
    How do I recover it to return it to my list of Folders?

    • Hi,

      To get É you need to use Alt 0201, now if you have a laptop that doesn’t have a numeric keyboard, I would recommend to switch to the Spanish Keyboard and you can switch from the English keyboard to the Spanish one whenever you want. It{s helpful if you have to type long paragraphs that require the letters with stress for upper or lower cases, the ñ,Ñ,¨ for ü or Ü.

      Another way to get the stress symbols for the letters is by going to the “Insert” tab on Word, click on “Symbol”, then, “More symbols” and you are going to see a box of all the letters with specific symbol and the Shortcut at the botom, Alt+ …..

    • Another way to get special characters is to use the following combinations:

      Ctrl + ‘ then E gives É
      Ctrl + ~ then N give Ñ
      ctrl + : then u gives ü, etc…

  8. I am currently going through a Software issue with Dell support, and a follow-up is for 20.6.2011 at about from 12-3pm my time. I now have shortcuts for WORD and OneNote 2010.
    I still need to find more information on solving problems in Microsoft Office, whenever needed.

    In Word 2003 I have now shut my door on. Microsoft Office Professional has all I need, to work with. As I have now fully gone over to 2010 its the only way to go, with a little help with your book. Tom.

  9. Please add Shift+F3 which cycles/toggles to change selected text from/to all caps, all lower case or initial caps. Works in earlier versions of Word, too. Very handy!

    • If only it was as sensible as you suggest. The Office development team seem to have missed out on the last ten years of common shortcuts elsewhere (including IE, other browsers and most Adobe software) and don’t think it’s useful to zoom from the keyboard. Better to drop what you’re typing, reach for the mouse — if you don’t have a pen tablet, installed that is — and do some kludge with the mouse wheel. Daft.

    • Stupid that the alternate for Ctrl+Y isn’t Ctrl+Shift+Z. Just. Plain. Stupid!

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