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Microsoft Word 2010: View Two Documents Side By Side

In many cases we have to compare two Word documents, having them side by side is vital for comparison. You could open both the documents in separate windows and snap them in Windows 7, but this is a time consuming task. You can place two documents side by side within a single window without the fuss using Word 2010’s build-in feature.

First of all be sure to open both the documents that you wish to compare. Once done, go to any one of them and navigate to the View Tab on the ribbon.

View Tab

Now under the Window section, select the View Side by Side option.

View Side by Side You will find both the documents opened side by side. Now perform whatever comparison you want.

Document Compare 2010


  1. is someone can help me with this- I’m viewing two documents side by side and my instructor told us to paste the image to another document and saved. but how???

  2. im viewing the two documents side by side and my teacher ask me to copy and paste image to anew document. And I don’t know how?

  3. The side by side function is greyed out in Word Home version. Is it not available? Or do I have to turn something on?

  4. Hello,

    how to enable view side by side and synchronous scrolling on the second screen?

    That is, when I click on side-by-side, both windows migrate stuborny on the basic screen, where they align. That is useless, because I work with notebook only with small screen, aditional big monitor is attached and the side-by-side has only meaning on the big screen out there. How to achieve that?


  5. It was MUCH easier in the previous version of Word! One just had to click on ‘arrange all’ in Windows. As often as not it doesn’t work at all now.

  6. When you click the Side By Side label in the ribbon, the Synchronous Scrolling will also enable and be active. Click that label to unlock the two documents so that you can scroll one without scrolling the other.

    It work better in Office 2003. Isn’t Office 2010 supposed to be an
    improvement? In 2003, the side-by-side toolbar would float and allow
    you to do other work rather than keep a View ribbon open all the time.
    This way you could instantly access the synchronized scrolling as needed
    while accessing your formatting and other tools.

    In 2010, it will gray out, or become unavailable. Nothing in the Help
    addresses this issue. Also, the online only help stinks. Having the
    Help built into the computer was better with online supplements. Now if
    you are working without Internet access, you have no Help.The solution seems that sometimes Word becomes confused when opening a document, and even though you have two Word documents opened, Word seems to think it has two instances of Word and does not see the other file. In this case, you have to close Word, then reopen one file, then open the other file using the Open Recent files icon. Now Word will see two files open rather than only one.

  7. Thanks for the clarification of MS Word 2010 view Side by Side options – However, how can use this function WITHOUT activating the synchronous scrolling?

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