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MiMedia Offers 7 GB Cloud Storage To Sync And Backup Data

Are you running short of Dropbox storage space and looking for a cloud-based service with Dropbox like features and capabilities? You can sign up for freshly released MiMdedia service, which unlike many other cloud based storage services, offers 7 GB for absolutely free with options to watch and stream saved media files, backup multiple PCs automatically, and categorize photos, documents, and music into groups. Just like Dropbox and many other cloud storages, it allows user to share their files with friends and family in simple yet intuitive manner.

Taking an offbeat approach to backup, it first asks you to specify all important data which you can’t afford to lose at any cost. You are presented with a list of drives from where folders are to be selected. Once backup folders are specified, it connects your PC with online server in order to backup selected folders to its server. Using Shuttle Drive is, however, recommended, but you can use broadband service prior to allowing high bandwidth usage to lessen the time required for backup process.

MiMedia is more like your online personal media manger. After you’ve uploaded favorite media files, you can stream them from anywhere and share them as well. Media buffs also have sorting options to quickly access required files without having to navigate through a big media file stack.

After the sign up process is completed, download the installer. Running it for the first time needs to verify your login details. The initial configuration wizard will help you configure the backup settings. Choose the drives or folders from selected storage mediums which you want to backup. It’s recommended to select media archive from folder list, so you can access them separately from web UI without facing any problems.

backup plan 2

After you’ve chosen folders to backup, move to Bandwidth tab to allocate maximum bandwidth process to speed up the uploading process. From Data Status tab, you can view current folders data which is being uploaded along with total uploaded data size.


The Web UI is nicely designed with all the basic file type categories lined up at the top. Under each category, it allows you to sort files/images/music in required order with an option to download any file to local location.

photos uploaded

Additionally, you can change saved backup settings while on the go. The web app lets you remove existing connected PCs, change their backup settings, restore data to current PC, and add more locations from current PC to synchronize them across all the connected systems.

mimedia 2

It integrates with Windows My Computer to give quick access to all those files which are synced with other connected PCs or queued for uploading.


As of now, it’s only available for Windows. Mac version will be out soon. Along with Free account, it also comes with Premium plan which costs, 9.99/Month with massive 250 GB storage space limit

Download MiMedia App


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