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MultiClipboard:Save Clipboard History For Pasting Codes In Notepad++

We have previously covered a number of Notepad++ plugins, which help enhance its functionality and user productivity. These include NPPJumplist, Compare, Customize Toolbar and others. MultiClipboard is another such plugin for Notepad++, which implements 10 text buffers that are filled up with text that is cut or copied from Notepad++, and other applications. The clipboard text can then be pasted from the clipboard history using hotkeys.

Like other Notepad++ plugins, MultiClipboard, can be installed from either the Plugins manager (via Plugins—> Plugin Manager—> Show Plugin Manager) or by downloading and placing the DLL file in the plugins directory.


Once done, you can paste text from the saved buffers, using Ctrl+V (to paste the most recently copied text) or to hit Ctrl+Shift+V to pop up the clipboard menu. This menu will contain the last 10 copied text items, which can be pasted by clicking a text string from the menu. The clipboard history saved by this plugin can be quite handy for developers to keep a copy of their last 10 cut/copied code strings to speed up coding tasks.


MultiClipboard natively supports Unicode and tracks text from Notepad++ and other running program, but only when text is pasted into Notepad++.

Download MultiClipboard


  1. I use ClipMate 7. It has an infinite clipboard history (backed by a database) I like that I can switch apps and my clipboard history is still there. I can go from Chrome to Excel to Word to Notepad++ in any order. It also has a feature to append some or all clipboard clips together. It allows for context switch automation (to do autopaste from one app to another) It rocks!!!

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