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MultiMon Lite Brings Real-Time System Monitoring To Windows 7

MultiMon Lite is a real-time system monitoring tool for power users who need to check highly detailed outputs of an extensive range of system activities. The application is designed to know the running instances, system-related activities and to find out the their details. It is capable of monitoring File system, File API, Registry, System devices, Keystrokes, Mouse clicks and Clipboard. The Lite version has apparently one drawback, it lacks exporting of information, however you can buy Pro version to use the full-featured application. The latest version now supports both Windows 7 and Vista Service Pack 2.

Once application is installed, you only need to select system activities and local drives from left sidebar. Once you’ve made the selection, click play imaged button to begin monitoring. It displays all the information in main window, where you will see columns for each enabled system activity. The application monitors each instance of selected system activity in real-time, so it may bog down the system a bit.

MultiMon 2.50  Lite Edition

The right-click menu offers a couple of handy options like; Viewing details, Explore in Windows Registry Editor, View file properties, Set date/time, and copy the information to clipboard.


Along with monitoring primary system activities, it lets you view the clipboard manager. You wont be able to manage clipboard items here but can view all the items (images, text, etc) that were copied to Windows clipboard.


The application sits in system tray, you can bring it up quickly to start monitoring the system. The application-specific settings can be changed from View –> Preferences. It supports all versions of Windows, our testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download MultiMon Lite

Note: To download the application click Download a free 21-day trial version and then on the next page, click Download free lite edition.

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