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My Commander: Dual Pane, Tabbed File Manager For Windows 7

My Commander is a portable file manager that can be used as an alternative to the default Windows Explorer, and other widely used applications like Double Commander. It is a dual-pane, tabbed file explorer, which comes with a built-in file viewer to view files in hex, binary or text format. It provides nested archive handling with full Unicode support. You can also securely wipe files, modify file attributes, obtain favorites and folder history and send DOS commands from within the file manager. My Commander is a lightweight application and has a memory foot print of merely 5 MB (approximately).

One of the biggest advantages of using My Commander is that not only can you open numerous directories with a dual pane view, but also use tabs in each pane.

My Co

The File menu offers a list of basic functions, which are also accessible from the top toolbar. These include the option to launch a new window, rename files, multi-renaming of files in batch, copy to, compress, move to, new folder, mount folder, delete, remove, secure delete and close window.


For example, you can select multiple files and from File –> Multi Rename in order to open the batch file renaming utility. Similarly, the Edit menu provides verbose cut, copy paste options, followed by the View menu which allows changing the file and folder viewing and sorting format (e.g. Brief, Full, Branch View, Name, Extension, Size and Date).

Windows 7

The Mark and Tabs menus provide options for selecting files and opening/cloning tab(s), whereas, the Net drop down menu allows adding an FTP location, mapping a network drive, sharing the current directory with other users and opening the Windows Remote Desktop utility. You can open commonly used utilities such as MS Paint, calculator, volume label, disk defragmentation utility, etc from the Programs and Tools menus.


My Commander works only on Windows 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit variants).

Download My Commander


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