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Norton Bootable Recovery Tool: Recover PC When It Becomes Unbootable

Sometimes, when any malware infects a critical system file such as boot.ini, your PC can become unbootable. The infection can occur on a random or gradual basis, and reach a high threshold, after which it becomes practically impossible to boot your system due to infected operating system files. In such a case, a wipe of your Windows OS followed by a re-installation may appear to be the only choice, resulting in data loss. Norton Bootable Recovery Tool is an application that has been designed to help your recover your PC, in case of such an infection. It allows you to create a CD, DVD or USB flash drive containing stand-alone Norton antivirus tools for recovering your PC by removing malware agents, specifically when your PC becomes unbootable.

This application is a part of Norton Internet Security, so you’ll need a product key from any of the previous Norton products to use it. If you do not have a key, you can sign up for any of Norton’s beta programs and use that key. You can signup for a beta program from the Symantec website. It must be noted that Norton Bootable Recovery Tool is completely free.

When you launch the recovery tool wizard, it displays three options. You can either create a CD/DVD, ISO file or a USB. Select the required option to continue.

Step 1

If you are creating a recovery disc on a CD/DVD, then you will be required to specify the optical drive (if more than one is attached to your system, that is). You can add additional drivers when creating the recovery disc or ISO image. Click Next to continue.

Step 2

The wizard will download the latest updates and create your rescue boot disc.

Step 3

Once the disc has been created, you can not only recover your PC in case it becomes unbootable, but also scan it for malware anytime. This may be useful for scanning those files that are not accessible while you are logged into your system.

Step 4

To scan your system, boot your computer from the recovery disc. If you haven’t entered a key, you will be prompted to enter one before you can scan your computer. As mentioned earlier, you can use the key by signing up for a beta program for a Norton product, and use it.


Once done, you can scan and remove malware to recover your PC.


Norton Bootable Recovery Tool works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Norton Bootable Recovery Tool


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