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Open++ Shell Extension Adds Advanced ‘Open With’ Menu In Windows

Open++ is a Windows shell extension which adds an extra sub-menu in right-click context menu to open a file or folder with user-defined arguments (parameters). Sometimes we want to run certain applications in CLI via Windows Command Processor, rather than opening CMD manually, it lets you do so with a single click. The developer’s intent is to bring most frequently used file and folder related operations which are not present in Windows ‘Open With’ default menu.

A general distinction of operations can be seen while making use of it over files and folders, i.e, for folder it offer options like create a sub-folder, change folder meta information, copy path to clipboard, and open folder in CLI while you have add new commands, verify checksum and find & copy shortcut target option for selected file.

The right-click context menu integration has to be manually enabled. Just launch the application to bring up main configuration window, under Install/Uninstall tab, and click Install to enable the Shell integration.

install uninstall

After the extension is enabled, verify the folder and file right-click menu to see the options it offer. It must be noted here options it shows with file are subjected to the type of file. For instance, you will get to see different options for EXE file, like, run with arguments, register DLL, etc.

file - 1


It comes with native file and folder property changer, you can change created modified date/time stamps along with other basic attributes.

changer 1

The extension is highly customizable, allowing you to change all of its options from main configuration window. Adding new commands is easy, you just need to specify program path with arguments, some other options are also provided to add icon, set associations, and to specify file type.


During testing, it worked fine and didn’t show any problems. Windows Shell integration can be disabled anytime from main configuration window. It runs on Windows XP/Vista/7 (versions for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems are available), testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Open++


  1. Thank you for finding out the best OpenExpert alternative for Windows XP users (since OpenExpert does not seem to work with W7).

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