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Open & View Any File With Universal Viewer [Windows]

File viewers are these days abundantly available, with many great solutions offering a wide range of functions. Perhaps one of the most popular ones out there is Total Commander Lister, which offers a wide variety of plugins and file type support. Today, we bring you something better, with the name of Universal Viewer.

Universal Viewer is an advanced file viewer with wide range of formats supported, including common ones like text, binary, unicode, jpeg, gif, png, and then not so common ones like doc, docx, xlsx, odt, pdf etc.

The software contains view modes for files under nine different categories:

  • Text
  • Binary (fixed length)
  • Hex
  • Image/Multimedia
  • Internet/Office
  • Unicode
  • Plugins
  • RTF/UTF-8
  • MS Office

The options available are plentiful, with full control over the files being viewed in terms of their manageability. Furthermore, the customizations and tweaking offered are really advanced. The whole Options menu is dedicated for this purpose.

Universal Viewer Options

The viewers own configuration is done separate from plugins configuration.

Universal Viewer Configure

Configuration options are available for the interface, file types, text, multimedia, shortcuts, history and certain miscellaneous settings.

One interesting feature of Universal Viewer is its context-menu integration with Windows. Since the application is fully Unicode-compatible, it gets displayed in Windows’ context menu right after installation, so you can call up the viewer from anywhere in the Windows environment.

Universal Viewer Context

All in all, Universal Viewer is pretty similar to Total Commander Lister, but differs in the following respects.

  • Built-in functions of several plugins: images, multimedia, webpages view
  • Support for multiple codepages: ANSI, OEM, EBCDIC, ISO etc.
  • Support for text converters for DOC, DOCX, ODT, PDF etc.
  • Support for user tools
  • Toolbar, status bar, other interface improvements
  • Auto-reloading of file on changing, “Follow tail” option
  • Displaying of line numbers
  • Displaying of non-printable characters
  • Combined Unicode/Hex mode (call Unicode mode twice)
  • Modern RegEx search library
  • Print preview
  • EXIF viewer

It works with all x86 versions of Microsoft Windows.

Download Universal Viewer


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