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PictureSorter: Organize Camera Pictures & Videos Into Make-Model-Date Folders

Organizing photos is as important as organizing your wardrobe. Keep piling them up randomly and soon you will be in a tedious situation to manage them. For instance, snaps you took last summer doesn’t have any place in your friend’s wedding folder. Likewise, your last trip to Berlin was not in India. Some people give exceptional attention to detail in organizing their pictures, however, if you don’t get the time to organize the massive archive of camera photos and videos into folders, PictureSorter may help you out. It’s an open source application that sorts your images and videos by make and model of the camera, and the date they were taken on, the latter of which is quite helpful to create a Timeline. The application has the ability to search directories recursively, and read EXIF data from JPEG images and THM (movies) files. Based on metadata, PictureSorter automatically organizes images and videos into a hierarchy of camera make & model, followed by date-wise created folders. More details up ahead.

There isn’t much to commend about interface – but it is simple, its neat and it does the job. To get started, first select the folder where your unsorted images are stored by clicking Set Source Folder button at the top left corner. Now, click Change Destination to define the parent folder, followed by clicking Scan to get a review of all the images and videos that will be copied to auto-created folders. The application shows Path, Filename, CameraModel, Date Taken, Type and Status in the preview field.


Once you are done adding the photos and defining output folder, just click the large Copy Files button to begin the process. Once the copying process is completed, check the Status column to view the files that have been successfully copied to target location (it would turn green and a checkmark will be visible).

Picture Sorter

You can access the newly created camera make&model –> date-wise folders from destination path.


The application sends individual notifications for each error it encounters during the copy process, which is actually very annoying, since you have to click OK every times it pops-up, to resume the process. We hope that the developer will replace it with post-process error reporting mechanism. Other than that, PictureSorter is a great application to quickly organize photos. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Testing was carried out on Windows 7 Ultimate edition 64-bit.

Download PictureSorter

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  1. Until 13 days ago I was quite organised in importing my photos from sim card camera to USB and they were filed under date and I would add a text. Now they are not and they are only in the pictures app. This is not working for me. How do I get it to go back to before? Computer illiterate here!

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