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Outlook 2010: Information Rights Management

Information Rights Management is a free service from Microsoft which sets specific permissions on your sent emails. If you want that no one should be able to print, copy or forward your sent emails to someone else, then all you need to do is sign up for the Information Rights Management Service. Its very simple, the only requirement is a windows Live ID!

IRM uses a server to authenticate people who create and receive emails with specific permissions. In order to sign up for this service, click the New Email option in the Ribbon and choose Permissions.


The initial screen for IRS will be displayed.


Choose whether you wish to sign up for this service or not. Click Next when done, then select whether you have a Windows Live ID or not.

Windows ID IRM

Sign in using your Windows Live ID.

sign up IRM
Select whether you are on a public computer or on a private one.

IRM Private

Click I Accept and it will finalize your registration for the Information Rights Management Service.

IRM Final

Now you can easily apply restrictions on your emails, if you wish that no one should be able to forward your sent emails then go to Permissions and check the Do Not Forward option, while creating a new email message.

Outlook 2010 IRM

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