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Patch My PC: Keep Your PC Up To Date With The Latest Software Updates

It is required to keep a system updated with the latest operating system and third-party application updates, to avoid functionality issues by acquiring necessary software patches. For example, over the years, Microsoft’s Automatic Updates have not only provided new and improved applications for their users, but also added required hot-fixes to address system issues being caused by incompatible drivers, bugs, hardware compatibility issues and various others. Patch My PC is a portable application that searches for critical updates for installed software and Windows Update, in order to patch up existing and potential vulnerabilities of your PC. The supported third-party programs include a large number of widely-used applications, including Adobe Reader, Mozilla Firefox, Oracle Java, Apple Quicktime, iTunes, Microsoft Silverlight and many more.

Patch My PC has a CCleaner-style user interface, and provides numerous options located on the left side of interface. These options allow you to look up for common application updates (Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Mozilla Firefox, Java, Silverlight, iTunes and Skype) , Optional Software (Chrome, File Zilla, VLC Player, CCleaner, Winrar, Dropbox etc), Windows Tools (such as Disk Defrag, Command Prompt, Windows Backup, etc) and Windows Updates. To search for application updates, select your required programs and click “Run Common And Checked Optional Updates”.

Optioal updates

This will start downloading and updating the selected applications. It must be noted that you will require closing all browser windows for the updates to take place. Make sure you have saved all your work, and closed your browsers before running the updates. When a software has an outdated version, it is marked in red, whereas the green ones are applications with the latest versions.


For a demo of Patch My PC, check out this video.

Patch My PC works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, including 64-bit architectures.

Download Patch My PC


  1. How does it deal with interactions during the installation process? For example CCleaner asks if you want short cuts and recycle bin context menus and whether it should check for updates when it starts.

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