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How to pin the Device Manager to the Start Menu on Windows 10

Control Panel settings can be pinned to the Start Menu much like settings from the Settings app however, there are limitations. Not all the settings that you can access from the Control Panel can be pinned to the Start Menu. Case in point; the Device Manager.

You can access the Device Manager on Windows 10 in lots of different ways, one of which is via the Control Panel, but the app isn’t a Control Panel component. It is an app in its own right. Here’s what you need to do to pin the Device Manager to the Start Menu on Windows 10.

Pin Device Manager to Start Menu

Go to your desktop and right-click in an empty area. From the context menu, select New>Shortcut.

In the Create new shortcut window, click Next, and in the Location field, enter the following. Click Next, give the shortcut a proper name e.g., Device Manager, and click Finish.


You can test the shortcut by double-clicking it. It will open the Device Manager.

Now that the shortcut is ready, you can pin it. Right it, and select Pin to Start from the context menu. Once you’ve pinned the shortcut, you’re free to delete it off your desktop.

Open the Start menu and look for the newly pinned Device Manager tile. Click it and it will open the app. You can unpin the tile any time you want but to get it back, you will have to create a new shortcut again.

On that note, you can also use the shortcut to pin the Device Manager to the task bar. Right-click the shortcut and select the Pin to taskbar option.

Normally, users can access the Device Manager by just right-clicking the Start button but, if you’re most in the habit of using the Start menu to access apps, it might be better to pin Device Manager there. It goes without saying that there are many ways to access this app and this trick is more about convenience and ease of use.

Oddly enough, there is no other way to pin the Device Manager to the Start menu without using a desktop shortcut. You can search for the app in Windows Search but if you right-click the search result for the app, the context menu will not have an option to pin the app to the Start menu. Likewise, the tile that the shortcut adds to the Start menu cannot be used to pin it to the taskbar.

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