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How To Play PUBG Mobile On Windows 10

Playerunknown’s Battle Grounds is a PC game that costs $30 to play on your desktop. It’s mobile version however is free and it seems some players prefer it over the desktop version. It’s no secret that you can run mobile apps on a desktop PC if you’re willing to run an emulator and to that same end, players have managed to run PUBG mobile on Windows 10.

Of course, not everyone is up to running games via emulators which is why Tencent, the developers of PUBG mobile have released their very own, easy to install emulator that can run PUBG on Windows 10. It’s in beta but using it is as easy as installing an app, and running it.

PUBG Mobile On Windows 10

Download the emulator from Tencent’s website here. It’s a simple EXE file that you need to run. It will download the emulator, and then the game files. There’s literally no intervention needed on your behalf.

It will install the Tencent Gaming buddy first. Once it does, click the Start button.

Once installed, it will download files for PUBG Mobile. This can take a while depending on your internet connection.

Once that’s done, you’ll see the following screen. This emulator is built for a very specific purpose; to play PUBG mobile on Windows 10 so that means it already knows you have a keyboard and that keyboard is already configured. You won’t have much in the way of control keys to configure but you may want to tinker with the resolution a bit, especially if you have a PC that can run games at HD.

We should mention that just because you’re running a mobile game on a desktop, it doesn’t automatically mean you will be able to play it on the highest settings available. That doesn’t happen regardless which emulator or which game you play. Likewise, the Tencent Gaming buddy emulator has hardware limitations when it comes to the graphics quality.

The game runs like it does on your mobile phone. You can play as a guest or you can connect your Facebook account. The rules are the same but the controls are obviously different. There is support for a controller if you have one. Additionally, the emulator lets you record gameplay, take screenshots, and even play in fuillscreen mode.


PUBG is available for Windows 10 in the Steam store. It may cost a little money but it’s the same price as Minecraft so it’s not exactly expensive. This begs the question as to why you might want to play the mobile version of the game on your desktop instead of playing the desktop version on your desktop.

For some players it may simply be that they prefer the mobile version but they do not have a mobile device that can run the game e.g., an iPhone 6 can’t run it. Regardless, you have a simple way to play PUBG mobile on Windows 10 and it’s a great way to demo the game if you’re wondering whether or not you’ll enjoy the full desktop version.



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