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PowerPoint 2010: Create Presentation Handouts In Word [Tips]

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 offers a new feature to format the handouts for your presentation. For the sake of ease and to facilitate the users, it also offers the feature of placing handouts into a Word document so that they can be formatted easily, quickly and more professionally.

Launch the PowerPoint Presentation then click the Office (File) button and choose the Share option.

Share PowerPoint

Now click the Create Handouts option.

PowerPoint Handouts

Here you will find the Create Handouts button located on the right side of the main window, click it.

PowerPoint 2010 Create Handouts

On the next step, choose the page layout that you wish to use and select the corresponding radio button.

PowerPoint 2010 Layouts Now, you will find your presentation’s handouts opened with Microsoft Word. The slides will automatically be updated in the Handout when the presentation changes. Now use Word to change layout, format, and add additional content to the handout.

Feel free to apply whatever formatting you want.


  1. Unfortunately the facility is rubbish becasue the slides are printed too small and cannot be enlarged.

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