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How to print an email on Windows 10

Emails are faster than traditional mail and you can get an email anywhere. You’re not tied down to a physical address and you can attach just about anything to the message.

Email is online which means you have to forward a message if you want to share it. You can screenshot it too but that’s really not the best way to share an email.

Print an email on Windows 10

Email is faster and more convenient to use but it also reduces paper waste since it’s all digital. That said, there are always rare occasions when you have to print an email. 

An email is a very basic text file at its core so you can print it easily enough. The only thing you need is the email itself and a printer set up to print it from. All email clients have an option to print emails.

Print email from Gmail

If you use Gmail, you can access a message in your browser and print it directly. The printer must be set up before hand.

  1. Visit Gmail and select the message you want to print.
  2. Click the printer icon at the top.
  3. Your browser’s print dialog will open.
  4. Select your printer and click Print.

Print email from Outlook

Outlook doesn’t have the Print button enabled for a message by default but adding it is easy and there’s always the print keyboard shortcut you can use.

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Go to File>Options.
  3. Select the Customize ribbon tab.
  4. Select a group in the column on the left and click the New Group button.
  5. In the column on the right, select Print and click Add.

  1. Return to Outlook and double-click the email you want to print.
  2. Click the Print button.
  3. Select a printer and click Print.

Other email services and email clients

All email services and email clients have a print option; Gmail, Yahoo, Thunderbird, Mail for Windows 10, etc., can all be used to print an email. For an email service that you access via a browser, you can look for the print button on the UI or tap Ctrl+P to open the browser’s print dialog.

To print from a desktop email, the same Ctrl+P keyboard shortcut will work though there will also be a dedicated button to open the print dialog.

You can also convert an email into a PDF and print it.


Printing an email isn’t something you should do often. It’s a waste of paper and bad for the environment. Print an email only when you have no other choice or it’s absolutely necessary. 

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