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Quick Launch Programs In Windows 7

After installing Windows 7, the first thing most users want to know is how they can launch the programs quickly without cluttering up the desktop and taskbar. So far I know of three methods, that are easy, fast, and simple.

Method 1 – JumpList Launcher

This is the first application launcher released for Windows 7. What it does is simple, add all programs in the JumpList so that they can be easily accessed later. You can add and organize the applications and then pin the program to the taskbar. Now whenever you need to access the application just click the JumpList Launcher and choose your app.

Jumplist Launcher (Complete Guide)

Method 2 – Using RUN Command

This is by far the oldest, famous, and quickest method available for launching programs. It is used by almost every Windows geeks. In Windows 7 it is no different, just drop the program in Windows directory, start Run dialog, enter the program name, and hit Enter.

To learn more about this method, check out guide here.

Method 3 – Adding Quick Launch Bar

Remember the quick launch bar? You will be surprised to know that Microsoft has removed it from Windows 7 taskbar. Those users who loved the quick launch bar and can’t wait to have it back should rejoice. Now you can add it to the taskbar by creating a new toolbar inside the taskbar.

Follow the complete tutorial here.


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