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Read RSS Feeds From Windows 7 Taskbar

The Windows 7 taskbar was one of the major overhauls that set this version of the OS apart from previous Microsoft offerings. While the taskbar can be useful in many ways, one developer thought it great to give the users the flexibility to monitor their RSS feeds right from the taskbar itself. Hence Taskbar RSS was born.

The idea behind this application is simple. It runs in your taskbar and shows RSS feed content, one at a time, in the thumbnail preview.

Taskbar RSS

The RSS controls also become visible with the thumbnail. You can jump to next/previous feed, go directly to the first or last one, refresh the feed or read the full content in a browser window by clicking the balloon icon.

The program is still in beta, so there can be a couple of bugs. It is portable in that you simply have to run the exe, but all the accompanying files should remain in the same folder. The applications folder also contains a text file ‘feed’ where you can simply add the URLs of new feeds for syndication.

One downside of this program is that the font being used is rather smallish, and not easy to view on large displays. Hopefully this will be fixed in future versions.

Taskbar RSS is Windows 7 only, and will not work on any other operating system.

Download Taskbar RSS

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