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How to rearrange virtual desktops on Windows 10

Virtual Desktops on Windows 10 have been almost stagnant since the feature was first introduced. A few small changes were made to it e.g., you can pin an app to a virtual desktop but not much else has changed or improved. You may or may not be surprised to learn that virtual desktops cannot be rearranged. You can move windows to any virtual desktop of your choice but you cannot change their order out of the box. SylphyHornEx is an app that fixes that.

SylphyHornEx has a lot of great features that improve the stock Virtual Desktops feature on Windows 10. It displays the desktop number in the system tray, it shows an alert on the screen when you switch to a different desktop telling you which one you’ve switched to, and it allows you to change the stock keyboard shortcuts that control Virtual Desktops. It is free, and open source. Download it from Github.

Rearrange virtual desktops

Run SylphyHornEx. It doesn’t need to be installed and the rearrange feature is activated by default. You will need to familiarize yourself with the keyboard shortcuts for it though. The Left Win + Left Alt + Left Arrow key moves the current desktop to the left. This means that if you’re on virtual desktop number two, and you tap this shortcut, it will turn virtual desktop two into virtual desktop one.

The Left Win + Left Alt + Right Arrow key will move the current virtual desktop to the right. If you’re on virtual desktop two and you tap this shortcut, it will turn virtual desktop two into virtual desktop three.

Each time you tap the shortcut to move a virtual desktop, you will see an on-screen alert telling you which desktop you’re on. You can customize this shortcut from the app’s settings.

There are a lot of little utilities for making virtual desktops more useful and SylphyHornEx supports some of the features they carry so you can opt-out of using other tools in favor of this one. Its wallpaper controls aren’t very good though. They tend to ‘fit’ the wallpaper and there’s no option to change it to ‘fill’ or ‘center’.

It’s flawless otherwise and it’s in active development. This is, in fact, a brand new feature that was added in a recent update so perhaps the wallpaper problem will be fixed over time. The current methods for setting a different wallpaper for each virtual desktop are a bit complicated and having a simpler way to do it would be better.


  1. Super Great, but as of today in my experience, and pertaining to “Rearranging Virtual Desktops”,
    SylphyHornEx v5.5.2 by default relies on ::

    Left WinKey + Left Shift + Left Control + Left/Right ArrowKey
    » to reposition virtual desktops relative to one another,

    whereas ::
    Left WinKey + Left Alt + Left/Right ArrowKey

    » will move the current app window to another desktop.

    (You may notice how this is different from what is described under Fatima Wahab’s Mar 25, 2020 “Rearranging Virtual Desktops”.)

  2. You can rename each virtual desktop so that you know what you are using it for. Very useful. You cannot do that on mac.

    Windows 10 virtual desktop is very good. switching between virtual desktop is quick.
    In mac, there is a very noticeable lag time between each desktop switch e.g. if I want to switch to desktop 3 from desktop 1, when I switch from desktop 1 to 2, there is a pause, before I can switch from 2 to 3. No such problem in Win10.

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