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How To Record Skype Voice, Video, And Screenshare Calls In Windows

It’s not unusual to have a Skype account these days. Whether you’re sitting on your PC or trying to communicate with others on the go on your mobile, the billion dollar VoIP service has become the de facto standard for making audio and video calls. But while it’s fairly handy at what it offers, the application never has touted any options for recording calls you make through it. There are so many good reasons you may want to record a call with Skype, but there aren’t many free apps that let you do this, especially when it comes to recording video calls. Last week, Fatima covered a brilliant guide about recording Skype calls on a non-rooted Android device. Today, we’re going to show you how to record Skype calls in Windows.


Voice Calls

Recording a Skype voice call is a pretty simple thing, as the web is overladen with quality applications for recording audio calls. MP3 Skype Recorder is the best way to go. It is free to download and enables you to record calls you make using Skype fairly easily. It works on all Windows operating systems and offers top notch audio quality.

After downloading and installing the application on your computer, you will notice its system tray icon in the Taskbar. Double clicking it allows you to open the main application window.

Record Skype Calls_Voice Calls_System Tray

The program sports an easy to understand interface. On its interface you will find an option to specify the output directory where the recorded voice calls will be saved. The application store all calls in MP3 format, which means most devices and media players will play it without any issue. You can also control a few recording settings like Sample rate, bitrate and record mode via pertaining drop down menus.

To get started, click the ON button on MP3 Skype Recorder.

Record Skype Calls_Voice Calls

Now navigate to Skype’s desktop client and commence the voice call with required recipient by clicking the green Call button on the application.

Record Skype Calls_Voice Calls_Skype

Afterwards, a small notification pop up will appear at the bottom-right corner of the desktop denoting the recording process has initiated and being recorded. The notification shows both your and your recipient’s Skype ID.

Record Skype Calls_Voice Calls_Started

When you end a call on Skype (after clicking the Red button), the recording will be automatically saved to the destination folder for you, and you can play it on any media player application of your choice.

Record Skype Calls_Voice Calls_Done

Video Calls

Skype also offers its users the video calling option and if you need to record your those as well, then Free Video Call Recorder for Skype provides a nifty solution. Unlike the gazillion paid apps available on the internet that usually limit recording to a few minutes on the free trial, this application offers unlimited video recording.

Warning: During installation, the setup program tries to download and install additional unwanted software. You can, however, easily avoid this by unchecking and declining any such offers when prompted.

Free Video Call Recorder for Skype_Installation

Free Video Call Recorder for Skype sports a dead simple interface. It carries record, pause / stop buttons, and displays the timer to indicate the length of the call being recorded. It allows you to record videos in picture-in-picture mode from all contacts (including you). But you can also choose to limit it to recipients side only as well as only record audio from the call by specifying your preferred method via the drop down menu.

Free Video Call Recorder for Skype_Video Call

You can navigate to the app’s Options window and tweak further settings under Video Audio, and Output tabs however you please. If lets you specify video codec, for instance, and you can change bitrate for audio and video, or tweak frame rate and sample rate of the file.


Recording a video call using this application is quite simple. When the application is running, launch Skype and start the video call.

Head back to Free Video Call Recorder and hit the Record button. This will begin the recording process and you can record the call as long as you want. Once done, click ‘Stop’ to save the output.

Free Video Call Recorder for Skype_Record

The application stores recordings in MP4 format, allowing you to playback it on most multimedia devices and media player applications on desktop and mobile.

Shared Screen

Another nifty features Skype has in its arsenal is the ability to share screens with your Skype contacts. And thankfully, Free Video Call Recorder for Skype  lets you record those as well if you need. During a video call session, if your recipient begins sharing their desktop with you on Skype, then the application automatically records those as well requiring no further input from your side.

Record Screen Sharing


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