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Remove GeoTag From Photos To Protect Your Location

Most new smartphones and cameras are equipped with geo tags functionality. Every photo you take from such devices are geo tagged, i.e, your exact latitude and longitude are hidden inside the metadata. Therefore, sharing such photos online not only gives predators your information but also the exact location where the photo was taken.

It is always recommended to remove the geotags from your photos before sharing them online, so how do you do that? Geotag Security is a great tool that can remove all Geotags in a given folder without touching any of your other metadata information.

All you have to do is select the folder where Images are residing and hit Start. Please note that once all geotags are removed, they cannot be recovered back.

GeoTag Security

On the next step you will find all scanned files, jpeg files, files with secure geotags found, and files with non-secure getags found and secured.

Photo GeoTag Remover

Hit Next and you will find the general report. Finally in the last step it will ask you to select any folder to monitor. Any photo added in this folder will automatically be stripped of its geotags. Sadly, this functionality is only available in paid version of the app.

Download GeoTag Security

If you are looking for an opposite trick, i.e, geotag your photos, then check out Picmeta PhotoTracker and GeoSetter.

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