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How to rename subtitle files to video name on Windows 10

A lot of people watch movies and TV shows with subtitles. Sometimes it’s to help when the audio is poor or a character is difficult to understand (like Gollum in Lord of the Rings), or because the audio is in a different language. Regardless, subtitles are useful and it helps to keep them organized. If your subtitle files aren’t named properly, you can fix that with a free tool called Subtitle Renamer. It can rename subtitle files to match the name of the video they go with.

Rename subtitle files

Download and install Subtitle Renamer.

In order for the app to work, your subtitle file must be in the same folder as the video it goes with. The video file’s name is the one that’s going to be copied so make sure there’s only one video file and one SRT file. The format of the video file doesn’t matter as Subtitle Renamer supports most common formats like MP4, MKV, avi, etc.

Run the app and click the Browse button next to the Video Directory and select the folder with both the video and the subtitle file in it. Once you’ve selected the folder, click the Start button.

Renaming a file is simple so it won’t take the app more than a few seconds to complete the process. Visit the folder that you selected and the subtitle file be renamed. The app supports both SRT and SUB formats for subtitles.

Subtitle Renamer relies on file extensions to identify subtitle files. If a file doesn’t have the contents of a subtitle file i.e., there are no time stamps followed by dialog/text, the app isn’t going to know. If it finds the SRT or SUB file extension, it will assume the file is a subtitle file. The file may as well be blank for all the difference it makes.

It also doesn’t play well with multiple subtitle files and multiple videos in the same folder so make sure you only have one subtitle file and one video in each folder. To make things easier, you can move all the folders into one large folder and select just that one folder. If you, for example, have a folder called Movies with your entire movie collection, subtitles and all, sorted into folders, you can select it and the app will be able to rename subtitle files in all sub-folders.

Make sure the subtitle files aren’t read/write protected or the app may not be able to rename them.

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