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Replace Windows 7 XPS File Viewer With XPS Annotator

The default XPS Viewer in Windows 7 is simply a basic tool for viewing the documents. Microsoft has failed to provide users with advanced functionality, such as, adding notes and comments to the documents, edit document properties, digital signatures, and more. Thankfully, you can replace the default viewer with a 3rd party freeware XPS Annotator.

Not only can you view the XPS document with it but can also convert the pages into image files, copy to clipboard, add digital signature, edit out the complete properties, and everything else that the default Windows XPS Viewer cannot do.

XPS Annotator

Main interface without sidebar navigation pane

The sidebar contains the thumbnails of all pages and makes the navigation much more easier. Jumping between pages takes a single click on the sidebar. You can also view the documents in four different styles, just like you can do it with most PDF Readers.

The default Windows XPS Viewer is hosted on Microsoft Internet Explorer, while XPS Annotator is a standalone XPS Viewer. This will certainly come beneficial if Firefox, Chrome, or Operas is your default browser instead of Internet Explorer.

If you are annoyed by the default XPS Viewer, like us, you can move over to XPS Annotator for better flexibility and features.

Download XPS Annotator


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