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How to run Android apps and games on Windows 10

Virtual machines allow you to run multiple operating systems within an operating system. Instead of dual booting a second OS, you can easily run it in a contained environment. Virtual machines are normally used for desktop operating systems. If you want to run a mobile OS on your desktop, you’re going to need an emulator to do the job. If you’re not interested in running the latest version of Android, and only care about running Android apps and games on Windows 10, you’ll find it’s really easy.


In order to run Android apps and games on Windows 10, you will need an emulator app. You will be spoiled for choice but we’re going to focus on which one is the easiest to install apps on. NoxPlayer fits the bill perfectly. Download and run the EXE to install the app.

Run Android apps

Run NoxPlayer after it’s been installed on your desktop and you will see the Android powering on message.

You can install Android apps in NoxPlayer in one of two ways; the App Center that Nox has or the Google Play store, or you can install them from an APK file. The App Center that NoxPlayer comes with doesn’t have all the apps that the Google Play Store has so it’s best to install apps from there.

To access the Google Play Store, you have to first open the NoxPlayer App Center. Search for an app in the search bar and at the bottom right, you will see an option to open the Google Play Store. Click it to switch to the Google Play Store app. It is, unfortunately, inaccessible any other way. You will have to sign in with a Google account.

Once you’ve done that, look for an app and install it.

Run the app from the home screen and it will work perfectly.

NoxPlayer Controls

It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the controls that NoxPlayer has. It will make navigation easier. The controls are all placed on the bar at the right. The bottom three buttons emulate the back, home, and multi-tasking keys that you’d find on an Android phone.

There’s an APK button on this same bar which, when you click it, allows you to select an APK from your local disk and install it on NoxPlayer. There’s also a button for toggling the rotation though the emulator will automatically rotate to match the requirements of the app that you’re running.

There’s also a keyboard controls option that you should go through if you plan on playing games in NoxPlayer.

Android Version

NoxPlayer is a good emulator if all you want to do is run certain apps. It emulates Android 5 which is ancient at this point. You should not use this app to test the stability of an app that you’re developing.

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