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Run Android Apps & Games On Windows With BlueStacks

Do you want to play Android games but don’t have an Android phone? BlueStacks is an Android app player for Windows that can run any type of Android app in full screen mode without encountering any performance or compatibility related issues. It features 10 pre-loaded apps along with an option to add custom apps. You can either download new apps from the BlueStacks Channel or push your favorite apps from your Android phone to your PC via BlueStacks Cloud Connect.

After installation, you will find a gadget on the top-right corner of your screen. Clicking the gadget will extend an App Tray.

Bluestacks App Tray

When you run an app, the application will automatically go into full screen mode.

BlueStacks Running App In Fullscreen

At the bottom, you have Menu, Rotate, Zoom and All Apps buttons in the center with app navigation and close buttons at either side. The Zoom button switches between full-screen and standard view modes. Clicking the All Apps button will show the BlueStacks gadget with the App Tray.

You can download additional Android apps from BlueStacks Channels. Click Get More Apps in the widget app tray. Upon the first visit, you need to login with your Facebook account. Once logged in, you can choose and install an app by clicking the Subscribe button under it.

Bluestacks Featured Apps

A great feature of this application is that you can push the apps from your Android device to your PC by using the BlueStacks Cloud Connect option. To use BlueStacks Cloud Connect, you must first install the BlueStacks Cloud Connect app on your phone from the Android Market.

BlueStacks-Sync For Android

Once done, open the Cloud Connect page on your PC’s browser to receive a Phone PIN. Open the app on your phone, enter the PIN and tap OK. You should now be able to see a list of all your apps inside BlueStacks Cloud Connect. Check the app that you want to push to your PC and tap Sync.

Bluestacks Cloud Connect

You might have to wait for some time for the apps to sync with your PC. When the syncing process is completed, you can run all your Android device’s apps on your PC.

There was a lot of hype surrounding BlueStacks when it was first announced and truth be told, even though it is in alpha stage as of now, the application far exceeds expectations. It runs Android apps with little or no lag at all and provides its own medium for transfer of apps from device to PC. It does have its limitations, though. For instance, you cannot use apps or play games that are dependent on multi-touch – an issue that might be resolved in future updates.

Only the free version of BlueStacks is available at the moment and it has a maximum limit of 26 downloadable apps (excluding the 10 pre-loaded apps). The application works on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download BlueStacks

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  • psydex

    won’t install on XP SP3

  • Muneem

    i installed on windows 7 x64 but i didn’t finding any folder…please tell me what to do? 🙁

  • Matthew

    Mine won’t install on Win 7 x64. At first I thought it did but didn’t find the folder like Muneem but upon attempting to reinstall, I keep getting an error. Guess I’ll try it on a 32 bit machine.

    • No need to find any folder, as mentioned you can access the program from its widget. If its not already added, add it from the widgets menu of Windows. It works fine on Windows 7 x64.

  • Rick

    BSOD, yikes, that’s rare on my Windows 7 x64, third attempt install finished, have gadget, nothing works, uninstalling, if I can figure out how to LOL

    •  I had three BSOD before I had to do a repair via System Restore, since I have done that no BSOD… wont touch this app again…

  • Nikos_GR

    It does not install at all at 7 x64! Upon installation an error is returned and then all files are removed. It sucks even as a beta.

  • ikram

    what is cloudconnect url to open on PC??

  • ikram

    ok got the url…but now it says………No Bluestacks installation detected

  • Mahmoud45giant

    i didn’t receive an activation account…….???? and i cant login with my account

  • Babilon

    Another totally pointless app for my PC. I thought that this
    will really enable me to use PC as Android but it turns out it is just
    for those who already own an Android phone. Why would they bother?

    Ok, it enables you to run .APK files. Well you can’t get those from app store if you don’t have an Android phone.
    And not to mention I just lost two hours of my life as this behemoth also insisted on installing Vista SP2.
    Good luck to all those crazy investors that invested in this bullshit.

    • EagleCoder

      You can download apps from the Amazon AppStore…

  • Bayramonline

    Runs okey on Windows 8 DP, have screen size problems on some apps. Does any 1 know if you can add the apps manualy without an andriod …

  • Aku

    Works like a charm, waiting for beta version now.. 😉

    • Monegro3000

      how would i even download it ive been trying to do this for about 8 hours

  • Lyvuthy

    It isn’t working on win7x64. don’t know why?

  • Yogesh Meher

    Can i install whatsapp??

  • Mrsyah_aminadh

    the channel is empty!

  • Vanny

    Why is the screen sideways???

  • amir

    this is a great app.!!!