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Search, Stream And Download Internet Music & Radio With Mielophone

Mielophone is a cross-platform application for searching, streaming and downloading music. It gathers data from databases such as MusicBrainz, Last.FM and BBCRadio, to provide users with the latest songs. It comes with useful plugins which help you search for MP3 songs for your favorite artists. Mielophone has an integrated player which enables playing music from different sources across the internet, including internet radio stations. Hit the jump for more.

The application has quite a comprehensive interface with a Windows 8 Metro style start screen. This screen provides instant access to songs from famous artists, albums, as well as videos. The market section enables users to download plug ins that increase the number of sources from which you can search songs. Other options provide access to internet radio stations and sharing options to share songs via social media websites.


For instance, when you click artists option, a list of numerous artists is displayed, which helps you search and stream songs. If you would like to search for specific artists, you can do so from the search bar on top.


Similarly, you can lookup and stream songs individually, from albums, internet radio channels and by searching music videos.


Mielophone with a number of installed plug ins, which allow searching songs from Soundcloud, ZMusic and Vkontakte. However, you can add additional plug ins by going to Market section.Market

All selected songs can be streamed live from numerous internet sources. When you search for songs, the result is obtained from various sources, after which you can select and stream the song.


According to the developer “Officially there’s no download in Mielophone since this is not legal. But you can use user-created extensions to add this functionality”. It is worth mentioning here that, since Mielophone is an Adobe Air based application, therefore, it is a little resource-intensive and can consumes up to 68-101 MB of memory (as determined during our testing). For more information, check out the below video.

Mielophone works on Windows XP, WIndows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X and Linux.

Download Mielophone

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