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ShareX: Grab Screenshots Using Several Capture Modes & Upload To 20+ Image Sharing Services

Back in 2009, we covered a screenshot capturing tool called ZScreen. The utility garnered instant acclaim due to its ability to not only capture high resolution screenshots, but also upload them directly to over 20 different sites or your FTP server. The author of this tool, who also happens to be the author of ZUploader – has stopped adding new features to both applications, and incorporated the most salient features of both tools (ZScreen and ZUploader) into a single software named ShareX. It is an open-source utility that lets you take screenshots, and send them to the Windows clipboard, save them at any local location, or upload captured images directly to 20+ different image sharing websites including Imgur, Flicker, Twitpic, Dropbox, Pastebin and more. Moreover, you can also choose to share the screenshots via email or to upload it to FTP server. Unlike conventional screen capture utilities, you can take screenshots in different shapes (rounded, eclipse, triangular and so on). The application sits in the system tray, and allows you to take screenshots using simple hotkey combinations.

One of the things that grabbed our attention is its user-friendly interface, which contains a plethora of features, yet manages to present everything in an elegant manner. The application houses different buttons at the top of the window namely Clipboard upload, File upload, Capture, Destinations, Copy, Open, History, and Settings. The screenshot you capture is automatically copied to the clipboard, and if configured from the settings, will also save the captured image in selected locations.


The Capture menu holds different options to select the kind of screenshot you want to take, and includes various modes like Fullscreen, Window, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Triangle, Diamond, Free hand etc.


Fullscreen and Window modes take the respective screenshots instantly, while other modes enable you to grab the required area, manually. You’d see that the tool also pinpoints the exact location by zooming in the area, and providing a small preview window, an awesome feature that is yet to be seen in other utilities.

Screen Capture

While Destinations button already includes so many uploading site options, you may also click it follow by Configuration button to open up Output Configuration window, from wherein you can specify and configure separate settings for each site or upload destination.

Upload Configurations

Clicking Settings will take you to the settings window, where you can define and change various application-specific options including Paths, Upload, Hotkeys, Image, Capture, Proxy and Debug.


And lastly, you can also use its system tray icon to quickly perform most frequently used tasks such as view history, configure settings, select capture mode and more.

System Tray

ShareX works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Testing was carried out on Windows 7 64-bit OS editions.

Download ShareX


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