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Slow MP3: Control Speed, Transpose, Transcribe & Play Karaoke Of Songs

Seldom we find an application with flat fleeting fun, but it looks as if today is our lucky day. If you are someone who loves to play an instrument, but has difficulty in figuring out the chords, notes of fast solo’s or learning new songs, check out this cool application that might pump in some serious music adrenaline in you. Labelled as Slow MP3, it is a java-based music player that lets you to do a lot more than just listening  to your favorite songs. As promoted by the developer, it is a music player for musicians. The application is packed up with some awesome functionalities such as it allows you to play MP3 and Wave files, transpose songs, slow down the playback speed, play the song in karaoke mode and transcribe it to view the chords – what more could you want? In addition, it allows you to generate loops, that said you can play a selected part of any song over and over again at user-specified speed to make it easier for you to listen and figure out its chords and notes. Read more about Slow MP3 after the break.

It should be noted that the application downloads as one executable jar file. Its interface seems to inspired of a piano itself and consists of music player controls at the top left, Speed and Transpose controls at the top-right while Transcribe controls appear at the bottom. There is also wave data of the songs being played, which appears in the middle of the main interface. Whenever a song is added, it is automatically analysed by the application and made available to set custom speed, transpose, play as karaoke and transcribe. You can transpose any song up to up to six notes lower and six notes higher. Drag your mouse over the wave data to play any part of the song on repeat mode. There is also a Spotify search box at the top right, seems to instantly let you search songs on Spotify.

Slow MP3 - Sober

To sum-up in one word, Slow MP3 is fantastic little utility. The application is cross-platform, and will work on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Testing was carried out on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

Download Slow MP3

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