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Speed Up Daily Windows Tasks With Portable Quick Cliq [Productivity]

Quick Cliq is written to speed up your daily activities; ranging from opening applications, web links, documents, shortcuts, to watching videos, listening to music, etc. This portable application launcher has a menu-based UI which contains all the specified links of files/folders/shortcuts, etc. According to the developer, users will not find such an application anywhere else, as it provides a list of features which increases user’s productivity effortlessly. It comes with a clipboard manager to manipulate the Windows clipboard content, you can let clipboard save only raw plain text (which removes text formatting).

The application offers hotkeys registration with one pre-defined hotkey (Win + Z) to launch the menu, however, you can always toggle this option On/Off from the system tray menu.

quick cliq

Click Add/Change to add any file/folder/web link/ shortcut or mail address to access them from Win + Z menu. In the main configuration window, you can pair up similar items, create a menu, separate existing ones, and change position of item in the menu list.

To begin, under Create, click Item or Menu to create a respective element. From the lower part of the window, select the type of item (File, Folder, URL, Folder Menu, etc ) and specify the path of source location. You can also change the icon and the title font-family. Once all settings are in place, click OK to view the inserted items in the menu.

Quick Cliq1

From the menu, you can also bring up the Add/Change window to customize the menu items. There are three build-in menus namely Clips, Windows, and Memos. The Clips menu lets you associate video files while offering aforesaid Windows clipboard functionality. The Windows menu enables you to hide the currently active windows and reveal them back with a single click. Lastly, Memos menu can hold a list of memos so you can view any of them from within the menu.


To change general settings and behaviors, click Settings in application configuration window. You can enable/disable each element in the menu, register Gesture/Hotkeys, customize menu item colors, enable/disable Clips,Windows, and Memos menu, and backup menu settings.


Since the requirement for running this application is extremely minimal, it can even run on the slowest machines. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. We successfully tested the application on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Quick Cliq

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