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SurDoc Cloud Backup Offers 100GB Of Free Storage With Focus On Privacy

Another day, another cloud storage service, or so it seems to be these days. With the increasing trend in mobile computing, consumers want their data always accessible to them no matter where they are, and the best way to do that is to upload or sync it to a cloud drive. And even for those who don’t need access to their data on the go, cloud storage is the way to ensure their data remains safe even in case their hard disk fails. There are countless options out there that let you do just that, but the cloud storage service we’ll be reviewing today differs by offering 100GB of cloud storage space for free, with paid plans available for even unlimited storage! The quintessential feature of SurDoc is to make automated cloud backups hassle-free, with a high focus on privacy using military-grade SSL encryption for your backups. Let’s learn more about it after the jump.

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SurDoc currently supports Windows, Mac and Android, though users can access their backed up files from any operating system via SurDoc’s web interface. Getting started is very simple; just download the application, launch it, and sign into your SurDoc account. If you’re a new user, you can quickly create an account by clicking the link in login window.

SurDoc Sign in

Almost all major online services these days offer you a way to sign up with your social media account so you don’t have to punch in details like email, name or password from scratch. SurDoc is no exception, and lets you sign up using your Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or Outlook account. Once you’re done with the signup process, make sure to verify your account via the confirmation email. Now type your userID and password in the SurDoc app to get started.

Sign up

The Windows application I took for spin offered me many different options to play with. The backup process itself is pretty easy to configure, thanks to the tool’s extremely user-friendly design. In fact, if you have used any other cloud storage service, you will instantly find yourself at home.

You can choose to backup almost any type of file and folder irrespective of its format; documents, images, HTML files can all be backed up in a jiffy. Just make sure to place the files in a single folder and then select that folder to be backed up. You can also set filters to synchronize specific file types only, such as JPEG, PNG, DOC, WAV etc. using the Filter tab. In addition to the backup process, the procedure to restore your backed up files from the cloud to any computer is pretty easy as well.

2013-12-21 13_42_45-

The backed up items can be accessed from the web interface, which is optimized to run well on both desktop and mobile browsers. Though Android users have the additional option of using the service via its dedicated app.


SurDoc’s free account comes with 100GB cloud storage, while the paid subscription plans start at $2.50 per month for 100GB with some restrictions of the free account removed, or $8.33 per month for unlimited storage and all restrictions removed. More details are available at the website.

SurDoc Plans

In short, if you’re looking for a way to backup a large number of files to the cloud, SurDoc is a great option.

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