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How to switch from QWERTY to DVORAK keyboard on Windows 10

Keyboards come in different variations depending on where you buy them from. In some cases, the difference is minor; some keys such as the pipebar, or the backtick key are in a different place. In other cases, the placement of the letter keys is different i.e., you don’t have the standard QWERTY keyboard. Instead, your keyboard might be DVORAK or AZERTY. Windows 10 lets you select which keyboard you have when you first install it but if it’s incorrectly set up or you later need to switch from QWERTY to DVORAK, you can.


To change your keyboard layout from QWERTY to DVORAK, open the Settings app and go to the Time & Language group of settings. Select the language tab and if you need to add or remove languages from your system, do that first.

Once you’re done editing languages, select the language you’ve configured. An option button appears when you select a language. Click it.

On the options screen for the language, scroll down to the Keyboards section and click the ‘Add a keyboard’ option. A menu will open listing the different keyboard layouts that you can add or enable. Look for the DVORAK keyboard that you’re using. There are a few variations of it available such as the DVORAK keyboard for left handed users.

You should also pay attention to the region that accompanies the DVORAK keyboard. This keyboard, like the QWERTY keyboard changes a few keys depending on the region it was manufactured for.

If you need to use the AZERTY keyboard instead of the DVORAK keyboard, scroll through this list and you will be able to find it.

You can add more than one keyboard layout at once so when you add the DVORAK layout, the QWERTY layout isn’t going to be deleted automatically. If you don’t plan to use it at all, select it from this same screen and click the remove button under it.

Identify Keyboard

If you’re not sure which keyboard you have, you need only look at the first row of letters and it will tell you. The QWERTY keyboard gets its name from the first six letters on the first row of letters on the keyboard. Likewise, the AZERTY and DVORAK keyboards also get their name from the first six letters on the first row of the alphabet keys. All you need to do is look at them to find out which keyboard you have.

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  1. DVORAK doesn’t get its name from its first six keys. If it did it would be called “:PY”. It gets its name from its inventor, August Dvorak.

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