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Tweak Windows 7 Library With Librarian Management Utility

Using Libraries in Windows 7, you can easily manage your files in different provided categories (Music, Videos, Documents, Pictures). This is great until you need to organize the libraries, as apparently there’s is no build-in Windows functionality or any direct way to manage them,  Librarian being a little manager for Windows 7 Libraries can help you out in this situation. It lets you edit and delete the existing libraries (if you don’t need them), while also allows you to create a new library with an option of associating library type and changing the default icon. The idea behind this tool is to provide all the options and tweaks under one roof.

Adding more, you can change the content type of any new or existing library which is useful in times when you need to stack up files with specific extension in one window. For power users, it brings a feature to view the XML content of Library, so they can further customize the content, settings, saved directory, etc, according to the requirements. Furthermore, it perfectly weaves in with every location where libraries are listed, for instance, in Windows Explorer main navigation pane, you will also get to see all the newly created and edited libraries.

The main interface shows you all the existing libraries, to create a new one, click the respective button in the toolbar and give it an appropriate name.

lib 2

It will bring up New Library dialog, where you can add a source folder, change the default library icon, and choose the Library type. Once done, click OK to create a new library, it will add it up in Library main folder and in Windows Explorer main navigation bar.

lib 3

Down the line, if you’d need to customize any new/exiting library, right-click its icon in main interface to rename, edit, or delete the library. It also lets user view the location dialog to add/remove a set of locations and show the XML content of the library in question.

lib 5

If you’re looking for a tool which can back up libraries, and add network locations, check out Windows 7 Library Tool. Librarian was tested successfully on Windows 7 x86 system without any apparent problems.

Download Librarian

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