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View Detailed Information Of Windows 7 Startup Programs

Startup Discoverer is a lightweight portable app that quickly shows full information about Windows startup programs. This brings one important question, doesn’t System Configuration startup tab gives information on the startup programs. Yes, it does, but this app takes it one step further ahead.

Lets see what makes this app different. First and foremost you will find the startup and services type neatly categorized in the main window. Suppose you want to view only user defined startup programs or user services, you can select the desired category. The app shows the registry keys, the service that runs, and it’s complete location.

The above mentioned features cannot be attained in the default System Configuration startup tab in any version of Windows. The sad part is that Microsoft has done nothing to include a default startup programs viewer in Windows 7 and users will need a 3rd party tool, such as this app.

Startup Discoverer

You can either save the list as text file or print it for future reference.

Download Startup Discoverer

It is a lightweight portable tool around 500Kb in size and works on all versions of Windows, including the latest Windows 7. For more, learn how to change the startup programs load order. Enjoy!

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  1. You state on the next page that this program has a Virus. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t either remove this page, use a redirect or put the other programs on this page.

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