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Volume 2 Updated, Adds OSD Notification Support For Volume Features

Volume 2 is an open source volume controller that aims to replace Windows default Volume Control utility. Since our review, the application has seen quite a lot of improvements and features such as better display OSD features, added battery status display and default device highlight feature. Apart from these major improvements, the latest version has OSD (On Screen Display) for changing screen brightness with hotkeys, function set for original brightness hotkeys, OSD for changing volume, additional keyboard shortcuts to Pause, Scroll Lock, Home, Insert, Page Up, Page Down, Del, End, option to set device as default and a lot  more.

Volume 2

The volume mixer now opens in the lower right corner. Extra slider for adjusting the left and right volume speakers and warning about inserting / ejecting USB flash drive have been added. Moreover, the device list is reloaded when you change its status and a number of new skins and bug fixes have also been provided.

System Tray Volume 2

When you adjust the system volume via system-tray volume controller , it will show an on-screen volume meter.

Volume meter

Note: make sure that you backup your original system (or volume control) settings by creating a system restore point, as Volume 2 completely replaces your Windows volume control utility. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Volume2


  1. 3rvx is simpler and more straight forward without the risk of replacing something in your original windows files.

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