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VueScan Is An Awesome Scanning Tool (We Have 5 Professional Licenses)

Remember, a few days back I wrote about a software that lets you scan multiple pages of a document and then converts it into a PDF file. The biggest drawback is that it only worked with ADF(Automatic Document Feed) Scanners, and that too with a limited number of brands only. I wondered if there is a software, which we can use to scan multiple pages using a standard scanner and then it automatically converts them into a single PDF file. It turns out there is and its called VueScan.

It not only scans documents and converts them into a PDF file, it can also convert your scanner into a photocopier machine. Whether you want to batch scan family photos or simply want to save an image, this tool does the job. You will find the details of few common tasks here.

vuescan main screenshot

You can customize multiple options such as Size, Quality, Preview and Scan Resolution, Rotation, Cropping, Filtering and much more. Instead of manually having to name the scanned images one by one, you can simple add β€˜+’ next to any name and it will automatically add numbers next to it. It is a cross platform tool that works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The only downside is that it’s not free, but I believe it is worth paying for such a software(the developer has been working behind this tool for the last one decade). There are two versions available, Standard and Professional, the standard version cost approx $40 while the professional version cost $80.

The good news is that we have 5 professional licenses to give away to our readers($400 worth of licenses). If you want one license for free, simply leave a comment explaining why you might need this tool for or what are you planning to do with it. While leaving a comment make sure to write your email address too, it will be used for contacting in case you win. Good Luck!

Update: This offer has officially ended, all 5 winners will be contacted via email shortly and the developer will himself send the professional license. Thanks to everyone for leaving a comment, this shows the community at AddictiveTips is alive and kicking. πŸ™‚

Disclaimer: We at AddictiveTips are in no way connected to VueScan, we were not compensated nor do we personally intent to benefit from this post.

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  • Tima

    To be honest the only task I’m interested in this software is that it can be used as a photocopier machine.

  • Picu

    I am a tutor for kids and adults in a small private academy, and I have to teach some stuff that are out of my field like art, history… so I have to scan books on the subject, edit and summarize them to give them away to my students (some of them are adults with daytime jobs, with little time to study).

    I also scan and reuse homework and old notes students bring mem which can be difficult when they have been written over or highlighted.

    I have tried Vuescan before and it is a terrific tool, and would love to have a pro license πŸ˜€

  • JagsLive

    I like to batch scan family photos & album to upload to an online storage site.


  • Robert in SF

    Well, to be honest, in my misspent youth I took “revenge” on my older brother for some of his typical older brother abuse by drawing all over his childhood photos….I would love to scan them and fix them, but I would also prefer to do it myself rather than pay someone to help me get rid of bold black lines.

    Thanks for the opportunity to help me correct my past misdeeds! I don’t know if this tool would work well, but also have some other documents to scan and compile, for electronic archival and distribution to family members.

  • Mark M.

    Working with Youth Groups concerning Drugs and Alcohol, I am constantly handing out literature and also receiving lit. that must be scanned or copied. This would be a life saver

  • Gavin N.

    I am currently doing an English project where by I meet my other team members on a regular basis sharing notes from books and handouts. Great if I could scan the pages we need and then send it to them as a PDF file. Save time on meeting outside and more time on project!

    Alternatively, it would be terrific for using this tool to scan old family photos.

  • theo

    Would like to be able to disseminate handmade artworks in electronic form.

  • Mohammed Sarhan

    Can I have a license
    I’ll use this license to scan my photoes, my documents that need to be dgitalized

  • Nitrox

    I am a student and i need to scan a lot of things like research materials, books, etc for my projects. So it would be helpful if i have vuescan.

  • Hi! I would love to have this giveaway πŸ™‚

  • GeroldM

    The thing is that I used to love HP scanners, because of their no frills software that did exactly what it needed to do. Only a small executable and a basic, functional interface. Nice and fast.

    Fast forward to the current day and age…what happened at HP? Who thought up the current work flow for their scanning software? And the bloat that is added? Saving the result of a scan in several obscure places on the local hard drive?

    If I cannot get a license for a decent piece of scanning software, can you at least try to find out what the guy(s) were smoking at HP? At least I will have the same fun as them when using the HP software…


  • MerleOne

    I do a lot of document captures, such as invoices, warranties, etc. I would be delighted to have a powerful tool to do this !

  • Curt@dk

    Thank you for setting up this fine offer!
    I teach public evening classes where the (adult) students have to pay all included expenses. The subjects are Onthology, Theology and Philosophy, meaning that we have have to do a lot of text heavy scannings. VueScan would be such a fine help! πŸ™‚

  • Good for you to review this and so many other fine products. I am a huge freeware fan, and review some of the best for our newspaper. Sometimes there is a task which is done best with shareware or commercial programs. I intend to get this VueScan.

    In my opinion, the next best option for batch scanning is the brilliant IrfanView. When you choose to Acquire/Batch Scanning, you immediately get a choice to scan one document after another, with automatic renaming. It’s a huge help when doing a document or when digitising the family photos.


  • Zebulon


    I would like to replace my canon scanner-toolbox which is not very stable on vista with VueScan.

    Many thanks

  • cai

    I need to clean my house and throw out ton of newspaper articles and magazines.
    VueScan we be the ideal maid to clean the mess.

  • pasquale

    I am a iatalian student and i need to scan a lot of things like research materials, etc for my projects. So it would be helpful if i have vuescan. I have old HP 3770 scanner with basic driver hp for windows vista. Thanks for your help email: piandolo@hotmail.com