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What Is Problem Steps Recorder In Windows 7 And How To Use It

What is Problem Steps Recorder

While using an application or software, you may face an issue which is hard to describe. Its frustrating, isn’t it? Microsoft feels your pain and they have  now come up with a solution which is available in Windows 7. The Problem Steps Recorder is one of the perks of windows 7 which lets users record their interactions with an application and provide a detailed screen-by-screen view with accompanying information.  From now onwards you won’t need to share your desktops or enable remote access because the problems can be easily explained with Problems Step Recorder. It is a type of screen capture software that captures every screenshot, mouse clicks, key strokes, etc and saves it in MHTML format.

How To Use It

First, go to start menu, type psr.exe in Start Search and then hit Enter.


Here is how it looks when launched.


Now click Start Record to start capturing  and perform the steps that you’ve had the problem with. It will capture all the clicks and key strokes in real-time. Once you are done with all the steps, click Stop Record and it will ask you to save the recorded file in MHTML format. You can launch this saved file in Internet Explorer only. For example, I have added couple of steps for testing purpose and here is screenshot how it looks when viewed  in browser.


It is very handy specially if you have to convey problems with any application to its technical support, this is because it will help you capture all steps to reproduce the problem.  Enjoy!


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