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Windows 7 App Launcher: Run Programs In One Go From Taskbar

Ever wanted to launch multiple applications for performing routine tasks in one go, without having to manually create a batch script to invoke applications’ execuatables? Although the batch script file (.BAT) can be used to run multiple commands and applications, it’s a bit tiresome to manually add new applications to batch file and edit the existing applications’ paths. What you probably need is an application like Windows 7 App Launcher to effortlessly create application profiles, so they can be launched with a single click. It’s an app launcher that lets you add applications, shortcuts, files et., without going through the hassle of creating and editing the script. Since it has a GUI-based configuration console, all you need is to bring it up for adding new applications, changing the profile icons and editing the list of applications, files and shortcuts

Windows 7 App Launcher supports both Windows 7 Jumplist and Thumbnail Preview features, enabling you to launch all the applications in a specific profile from Windows 7 Taskbar. The application can also run as desktop gadget, which provides an easy way to run the application profile and switch between existing profiles. The main screen lets you enable Start 7APL in Gadget Mode option, and specify its behavior. You can also associate a hotkey combination to launch the gadget, and tweak basic application settings including Start minimized, minimize on close, run at startup and close 7APL after running a Jumplist task.

windows 7 app launcher 2

To add a new profile for launching multiple applications, head over to New Profile tab, enter profile name and hit Create Profile.

add profile

This will add a new tab by the name of profile. Under this tab, you will find options to add applications that you want to launch under your profile. Simply, click Browse and select application executable from Windows Explorer. You can add as many programs to the your profile app list as you want.  Apart from Jumplist, you can also launch the applications under your profile using a hot key combination. When all the required applications are added, create a hotkey and then click Save/Update.

add apps

If you want to set profile as category, enable the respective option and click Settings. It will open a separate dialog, where you can define aliases for applications.



As mentioned earlier that it supports Jumplist and Thumbnail Preview features to launch the applications in profiles and navigate between them. In Thumbnail preview, it shows navigation buttons to jump to next, previous, and last used profile.

launch profile 1

Using Jumplist, you can quickly bring up the main interface or gadget (if enabled), create a new profile, and bring applications as Task from selected profile by clicking Switch to <Profile Name>. When you switch the profile, you can use Jumplist to directly launch applications from the specified profile.

jumplist apps 1

Windows 7 App Launcher certainly makes it easy to launch applications in batch mode without having to go through convoluted process of creating a batch script. As of this writing, it’s in beta testing phase, so you may run on some bugs and interface-related glitches. It supports 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows 7.

Download Windows 7 App Launcher


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