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Password Provider Is Perfect Windows 7 Password Manager

You must be looking for a good password manager for Windows 7 since there is no such build-in tool. I have been using Secure Password Storage for a few weeks, but the functionality is limited, the choices too are limited, and the app as a whole is sometimes quite slow and buggy.

Update: AddictiveTips now recommends LockCrypt, a free awesome password and information manager for everyone.

Today, I stumbled on Password Provider, a secure desktop password manager with tons of functionalities packed into a simple-to-use app. You can create, store, and access unlimited number of logon/passwords and other important information.

When you run the app for the first time, it will ask you to choose the location where the data file will be created. It is perfectly safe to choose the default location.

Password Provider

Next, it will ask you to enter the master password. Make sure the master password is long and contains alphanumeric characters. To further secure the master password encryption key you can set the number of iterations. The default value 20,000 is perfect but you could increase it to make the encryption more secure.

Please note that setting a very large number will take a long time for calculations. We would recommend using the default value, i.e, 20000

Password Provider security

Once inside, click the Create New Site button given at the bottom-right side of the window. It will then show you three options – Create new logon site, create new credit card, and create new generic item. Select the desired link to proceed.

Password Provider main

If you select Create a new logon site, you will need to enter the form in both Identity and Logon tabs before clicking OK. In Identity tab you have to fill the basic information of the website while in the Logon tab you need to enter the username and password.

There is also a build-in password generator which can generate random password of your liking.

Password Provider website

password provider logon

If you select Create new credit card, then you have to fill both Identity and Data tabs. They include basic information, such as, Bank Name, Issuing Company, Contact Number, Name On Card, Number, Code, PIN, Expiration Date, and so on.

Password Provider identity

password provider data

The Create new generic item link allows user to protect any important information, once you click OK, the information is secured. All new items created are neatly categorized on the main window.

Password Provider main 2

Did you notice the Facebook website’s icon in the above screenshot? The app can retrieve any website’s icon if this option is enabled. Go to Options and you can choose a new skin, change the sorting or grouping method, or change any other option. Have a look at the beautiful skins below.

You can also run the program from system tray notification area if this option is checked.

Run in notification area

Password Provider is one advanced password manager packed with tons of features and clean layout. There is an option to choose a backup destination, you can either backup when every change is made or backup manually. It can also export all information to a text file.

Another interesting feature is the “Send Key” option which can be found when right-clicked on any logon website in the main window. Click this option once and then click on any text field in any other window to paste the password.

Download Password Provider

Personally, I have made it my desktop password management app of choice in Windows 7. It can also work on Windows Vista SP2 and requires .NET Framework 3.5, but has not been tested on Windows XP. It is developed on C# and uses WPF(Windows Presentation Framework) library. Enjoy!


  1. Where’s the auto-login? If it don’t have auto-capture and auto-login, what’s the point? It’s just a clipboard with a password.

  2. a password manager from someone that doesn’t speak english well, and it can connect to the internet? no thanks

  3. If this program password can be found with Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0, assuming I forgot my password to the program…what good is it for securing my passwords?

  4. All the above are great suggestions, if you actually know the password, but since the problem is that, the password has been forgotten/hacked or whatever, my suggestion is this neat program( Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0 ) from PasswordSeeker, it lets you reset/delete user passwords, it is a legal app. and very useful, i’ve used it on a few PC’s including my own and it works.

  5. I've used KeePass in the past for password management. I like it because it is portable. However, this seems like a good option as well. The layout is simple, yet elegant. Great find!

    • Keepass is good but I really don't like the cluttered look. There are ways in which developers can add advanced functionality while keeping the interface clean and Password Provider does exactly that.

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