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Windows 7 Robocopy – Multithreaded File Copy

The Robocopy (Robust File Copy For Windows) is an old feature in Windows, for those not familiar with it, it is a powerful file copy method from the command line interface. Like previous versions, Windows 7 also includes this feature but with some major enhancements.

The general syntax for Robocopy is as follows:

ROBOCOPY <Directory that will be copied> <New Directory>

For the multithreaded copy, only add the /MT switch at the end of the above command and then specify the threads as an integer value, which you wish to start for this copy process, i.e

ROBOCOPY <Directory that will be copied> <New Directory> /MT:<Integer number of threads to use>”

You can use a maximum of 120 threads. For further help, you can open the command line and type robocopy, it will display its help.


I copied a directory with the name AddictiveTips from D drive to C with 5 threads by running the following command( Please note that when I ran this command I was already present in the D drive, otherwise I would have had to explicitly define the source directory).

ROBOCOPY  AddictiveTips C: /MT 5


It’s that simple. Also check out RichCopy, it is a Graphical User Interface(GUI) of Robocopy. Enjoy!

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