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Windows 7 Software Backwards Compatibility

You have seen lots of Windows 7 posts from me recently, that is because Windows 7 is the first OS in Microsoft’s history that has been developed largely based on user feedback, which makes it further interesting for everyone to try it out. Since it lacks a few build-in tools, I am doing my best to test out 3rd party tools that I believe are suitable for working in Windows 7.

So what is backward compatibility? In the most simplest form, it means that every software that works on Windows 7 will also work on Windows Vista, Windows XP, and so on. So when we review a software on Windows 7, you can also try it out on Vista or XP. Except for few software that are developed exclusively for Windows 7, such as, EnhanceMySe7en and Win 7 Codec Pack.

So next time you read a Windows 7 post, make sure you try out the software on older versions of Windows too. Enjoy!

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