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Windows 7 UAC (User Account Control)

The User Account Control (UAC) concept was first introduced by Microsoft in Windows Vista. UAC in Windows Vista prompted the software applications or processes which intended to access the system resources for the administrative right. Although the sole purpose of this was to enhance the security of Windows, but this features turned out to be annoying for a majority of users.

Windows 7 has been launched and now its time to talk about what’s new in terms of UAC. The good news is that now you will see very few prompts from Windows UAC. Just like Windows 7, it provides the slider which lets you adjust the level of security that you wish to apply; just adjust the slider according to your needs and you will see the annoying UAC prompts according to the security level that you setup.

Go to Control Panel > System and Security and choose the Change User Account Control Settings option.

Here is the slider, adjust the UAC level to what you think is comfortable for you.

If you move the slider to the bottom, Windows will never notify you and thus keep you less annoying but this should not be done by beginners since it could be a security hazard for them.

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