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Windows Error Report Grabber Saves Program/Application Log

It may happen sometimes that a program halts, becomes unresponsive and there isn’t any error exception associated with the application fault. In that case, Microsoft error dialog pops-up reckoning you to show it to Microsoft. This is usually referred to as Dr.Watson info. Seemingly there isn’t any way to save the report or copy it for analyzing the error. Error Report Grabber is built solely for this purpose, allowing users to grab the error report right into the app.

It is a small portable tool, comes with simple layout and comes in very handy with all the programs which does not throw error exception that may occur while launching or running the instance of program. For these kind of programs Microsoft error reporting dialog usually appears suggesting you to send the report. At that point, Error Report Grabber may help.

To begin with, open the error dialog window, and click Find Report. It will find the report for you and show all the error relevant info. Now click Grab to take the content of the report into it, in order to copy it for analyzing the error report in future.


This app is built specially for Windows XP, as it is only grab the content of error dialog appears with program/application running in Windows XP.

Download Error Report Grabber

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