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Headset Menu Adds An App Switching Menu When Headset Are Plugged In [Android]

Music apps, as abundant as they are will offer a new interface, a new way to access your music library, perhaps some new features, smarter search, and more. What few apps think about is the most important accessory we use when listening to music, i.e. our headphones. Headset Menu is an Android application that takes your headphones into consideration. The app is triggered only when you plug your headphones in. This goes for both your ordinary earbuds and Bluetooth headsets  The app lets you access apps from the notification area and while you can add any app to it, it makes more sense to add music apps only.

Launch the app and select which ones you want to see in the notification area. You want to select apps that can play music; your browser can if you open Soundcloud or Grooveshark open in it. If you have the Soundcloud or Spotify apps installed, you can add those instead or an audio book reader. Tapping the app in the notification area will launch it. It works from the lock screen as well since you can access the notification area from it.

headset  menu headset  menu notification


From the app’s settings, you can have the app ignore Bluetooth headsets, and if you don’t want to connect headphones each time you want to be able to switch between music apps, you can have the app show the widgets by default.

Headset Menu more Headset Menu settings

Headset Menu is an app switcher. Since it’s primary trigger is the headset it makes us lean towards music apps more than any other type of apps but it has shortcomings. Where you can use it to switch between your music apps, you can’t control the music that’s actually playing and that is a huge disappointment.

Going into this, I imagined the app would do let users switch which app you played music from without actually having to open the app itself. I assumed control would transfer to it. While the app isn’t what I hoped it was, I like it for its headset trigger and the fact that it supports Bluetooth headsets as well. The app is new so there’s room for improvement so we can look forward to more features. For now it’s only available for download at XDA developer forums but the developer intends to eventually submit it to the Google Play Store.

Install Headset Menu from XDA Developers Forum 

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