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Customize The Quick Access Toggles In The Notification Panel In Android 6.0

My dad uses an Android phone and he knows the basics of it. One thing he’s always had a problem with is the toggles in the Notification Panel. He manages to tap the WiFi toggle and turn it Off, and then he wonders why the internet isn’t working (or who turned the internet Off on his phone). I’ve often wished I could just get rid of some of those toggles and it seems someone at Google has heard my silent prayers. In Android 6.0 there is a new experimental feature that allows you to customize which toggles appear in the Notification Panel. You can not only remove a toggle but also rearrange how they are ordered. Here’s how.

As I mentioned earlier, the feature to customize the toggles is an experimental one so you will need to enable System UI Tuner to use it.

Once you’ve enabled System UI Tuner, open it and tap Quick Settings. Here you will see every toggle that appears in the Notification Panel. To delete a toggle, tap and hold it until the Add File icon is replaced with a Delete icon. Drop the toggle on to the Delete icon and it will no longer appear in the Notifications panel. If you accidentally delete a toggle you didn’t mean to, simple tap the more button at the top right and tap Reset.

android-6-delete toggle android-6-toggles

To rearrange the toggles, simply drag and drop them one over the other. The WiFi and Bluetooth toggles can reside on the same row, or on rows of their own. The others can appear with two other toggles in their respective rows. Both Bluetooth and WiFi toggles serve as dividers. Resetting the toggles will also reset their order.

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