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Flashify For Android Offers Easy Flashing, Recovery & Kernel Cloud Backup

If you’re an avid Android user who frequently keeps flashing ROMS, tweaks, hacks and mods via ZIP files, you’d likely be aware of the hassles involved. You have to reboot your device and enter the recovery mode for the said purpose. While there are benefits to rooting your Android device and flashing all kinds of stuff to take it beyond what it can do in its stock form, it can be a tricky world for beginners. Flashify is an extremely useful app that allows you to flash boot images (kernels) and recovery images without having to go to recovery. In addition, you can also flash zip files using the app, and the phone will then reboot into recovery to perform the specific operation without any further input from you. If you have TWRP recovery installed, you can also use the app to flash multiple zip files in a batch, and wipe data, cache & Dalvik cache with the flashing. Flashify can also backup your device’s kernel and recovery to SD card or Dropbox, and restore it from there when required.

A few of things should be noted before using Flashify: your device or operating system can be harmed if you end up flashing an unsupported or corrupt file, so utmost precaution is advised. Moreover, Flashify requires a rooted Android device for it to work. When launched, you’re presented with two tabs at the top: Flash and Backup/Restore. When you flash something, the flashed files appear under the Recent entry. You can tap this entry to reflash the file right away. Flashify also asks you if you would want to wipe data, cache or dalvik cache during the process. If you have TWRP installed and want to flash multiple files, simply select to flash them one after the other in the app, and specify any wipe options with the last one only.

Flashify-for-Android-home-screen Flashify-flashing-ZIP-file

Flashify also lets you flash a new recovery image from your internal storage. Each time you decide to flash a file using the app, you will be prompted to reboot your device in order to perform the actual flashing procedure. You can reboot it right away, or do that at a later time.

Flashify-recovery-flashing Flashify-reboot

The next great thing about this app is its ability to backup and restore recovery and kernel using your device’s internal storage or your Dropbox cloud storage. In case of the latter, your backups become available across all the devices that you might have the app installed on. Akin to the Flash option, the current backups automatically appear in the Backup/Restore apps and the application also tells you the time at which the backup was created. To create new kernel or recovery backup, just tap the appropriate option, specify the backup name and destination, and hit ‘Back it up!’.

Flashify-backup-tab Flashify-backup-recovery-or-kernel-to-SD-or-Dropbox

So, there you have it – a brilliant app for quickly flashing files and creating recovery and kernel backups. Flashify is available in the Google Play Store as free and $1.91 variants.  The free version offers up to 3 flashes per day and to get rid of this limit, you need to buy the full version.

Download Flashify from Play Store


  1. I have created a backup of my stock recovery using flashify and flashed cwm now I’m unable to come out from cwm my device directly boots to cwm now I have recovery in my sd car’s how to return back to stock recovery

  2. When I try to take a backup of my stock kernel and current recovery (CWM v6.0.3.5) on my Xperia L (C2104), it says my Boot Partition and Recovery Partition couldn’t be found. Please help.

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