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Get Expandable Weather Info In The Android Notification Area

It’s been a while since we last caught hold of a noteworthy weather app for Android. How about something more minimalist, simple and ubiquitous, like a compact weather widget residing in your Android device’s notification shade? Developed by XDA member orbar, Notification Weather is a standalone notification panel weather widget for devices rocking Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher. Notification Widget might not be offering anything extra special as compared to its numerous counterparts, but provided it is a miniscule widget that doesn’t consume too much of your device’s resources is something that makes it an option worth considering. As soon as it is installed, the widget becomes visible within the notification drop-down, depicting current weather, as well as weather forecast of the following four days, all via relevant weather icons.

The idea of Notification Weather seems to have been taken from several third-party weather apps and custom Android ROMs – AOKP-based ROMs, for instance – that allow users to quickly glance at the current weather right from their notification panel. However, Notification Weather ensures that you can get your hands on a similar solution without rooting or flashing a custom ROM.

Notification-Weather-Android-App1 Notification-Weather-Android-App2

Basically, Notification Weather is meant to take advantage of the interactive and expandable notifications introduced in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. In this case, you can use the two-finger drag gesture to expand or collapse weather details on the widget. In its compact form, the widget displays current location, time of day, temperature and condition. However, expanding the widget using the aforementioned gesture, you can take a peek at various other details, including a 4-day forecast, minimum/maximum temperature, wind speed and last time of update.

You can toggle between Metric and Imperial weather units, switch to a different location and specify a custom refresh interval for weather info. Also available on the app’s configuration screen are the options to manually refresh weather details for the selected location, and choose your preferred weather service provider.

Notification-Weather-Android-App3 Notification-Weather-Android-Settings

Overall, Notification Weather comes off as a nifty little weather app, designed in accordance with the latest (Holo) Android GUI standards. Also, it can be seen as a fine replacement for Google Now’s very own weather notifications and smart cards that seem barebones when the level of customization of Weather Notification is taken into consideration.

That being said, there is also no denying the fact that there is still plenty of room for additional features in the app, such as real-time alerts for severe weather and a bit of cosmetic customization.

Download Notification Weather For Android

[via XDA-Developers]

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