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Access Favorite Apps From Android Lockscreen With Swipe Panel For GO Locker

GO Locker is a fairly popular Android lock screen replacement app that lets you apply different themes and layouts on your lock screen. The app supports a variety of different customization features such as unlock methods, widgets as well as plugins. Swipe Panel is a new GO Locker plugin that’s been recently made available at Play Store, and allows you to swipe a vertical panel out from the edge of the GO Locker in order to launch the apps you want. You can easily resize this panel, put custom apps in it as well as control its visual parameters. Details after the jump.

If you don’t already have GO Locker, you will need to download and install it first, as this plugin won’t work without it. Once everything has been setup, launch Swipe Panel and set it to ON from the settings screen. You will also find other parameters that you can customize. For instance, under Visual Setting, you can adjust the panel’s transparency level via a slider. Similarly, you can personalize its animation speed on a scale of 0 to 100. Just move the slider to you desired location, tap OK and you’re done. You can hide or unhide app labels as well.

Swipe Panel_Settings Swipe Panel Transparency Swipe Panel Animation Speed

Swipe Panel also lets you specify swiping response area by manually adjusting its length and width according to your preference. To do that, tap ‘Response area setting’, and then use the three adjustment pointers and set them to your desired position. You can set the vertical length to span the entire right side, and also adjust the width in case the default one misses out some of your swipes. Another option you may enable is haptic feedback for each time you swipe to bring up the panel.

Swipe Panel Region

Apps can be added to or removed from the panel right away. To add a new app, tap the Add button and then mark your desired items from the proceeding app menu. Swipe Panel allows you to add up to six apps in all. Should you require to remove an existing app from the list, simply tap and hold your finger over its icon and slide down. You can also move the items up and down the queue in a similar fashion.

Apps Swipe Panel

Overall, if you use GO Locker and are looking for a way to access your favorite or frequently used apps right from you rlock screen, Swipe Panel can be wortha shot.

Install Swipe Panel from Play Sfore

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  1. swipe panel works great, except when it doesn’t. It added the “feature” to be on every screen, not just the lock screen. When you turn this feature off, it just shows up on the lock screen. Every day it randomly turns back to the every screen option. So when I press the “p” on the keyboard all of a sudden it won’t type it and it thinks you’re trying to pull the swipe panel out. The fix is to go back into Swipe Panel settings and disable it and enable it, then disable the “only show on lock screen” setting and enable it. This does the trick until it doesn’t. I wish they had just stuck to the lock screen.

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