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How To Get Night Shift On Android 7.0 [No Root]

Earlier this year an awesome app named Flux was developed for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. The app tinted your screen a warmer color so that the bright blue or white of the screen didn’t keep you awake longer than necessary. It’s also pretty great for when you have to look at your screen in low light. The app was exceptionally popular, so much so, that the feature it added was made a part of iOS. Android hasn’t quite caught up with the feature just yet even though early betas of Android N featured a dark mode that didn’t make it to the final stable build. There is however a neat little app called Night Mode Enabler that is built for Android 7.0 to give you the night shift feature. It even adds a toggle to the notification panel so you can turn it On/Off quickly. It doesn’t let you customize the tint color or its intensity.

Before you can enable night shift on your phone you need to do the following;

  1. Make sure you’re running Android 7.0. This app will is not built for older versions of Android
  2. Enable System UI Tuner

Enable System UI Tuner

In order to add the night shift toggle to the notifications panel and use the app, you must have the System UI Tuner enabled. To enable it, you must have developer options enabled first.

Open the Settings app, scroll down to About phone, and tap the build number seven times. Next, pull down the notifications panel and tap and hold the cog wheel button until your device vibrates or the cog wheel starts spinning. That’s all you need to do for now.

Enable Night Shift

Install Night Mode Enabler and launch the app. Tap the ‘Enable night mode’ button and you will switch to the System UI Tuner screen. Turn the switch On and your screen should automatically be tinted an orange shade. If turning the switch on doesn’t do the trick, tap ‘On’ instead as indicated in the screenshot below.

If you enable the ‘Turn on automatically’ option, night shift will be enabled automatically at sunset and disabled at sunrise.

night mode enabler enable night shift

Adding Night Shift Toggle To Notifications Panel

Pull down the Notifications panel and tap Edit at the top left. The panel will show an additional section at the bottom with more tiles that you can add. Look for the dropper tile and drag & drop it on to the section above. Exit the edit mode by tapping the back button. The dropper button will now appear in the notifications panel as a quick toggle. Tap it to enable and disable night shift mode.

night mode tile night mode toggle

The app works pretty well but doesn’t let you customize the color your screen is tinted like the original Flux app that required a rooted device or in case of the iPhone, a jailbroken device. It also doesn’t let you select the intensity of the tint.

Install Night Shift Enabler From The Google Play Store

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