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Necta Is An Android Launcher Aimed At Kids & The Elderly [Android]

If you’re getting bored of th stock Android look then there are plenty of ways you can customize it. Some people would start with changing the home screen wallpaper. Modifying app or status bar icons is another way of injecting new life into Android, though probably the best way to quickly overhaul the interface is with a launcher app. Even though Nova Launcher, Go Launcher Ex or Aviate are by far the best home screen replacements we’ve used, they can also be fairly complex for general users. To cop with this nuisance, a bunch of folks at Necta have created an app called Necta Launcher that provides the simplest Android experience for the elderly among us.

The interface of Necta Launcher comprises of big bold icons. It has a slight blue and purplish tint across the whole UI (changeable via Settings). You can scroll up and down to reveal apps that are well-laid on the home screen.

Unlike most launchers, Necta presents commonly used apps like phone, camera, messaging and weather etc., in an entirely new interface that not only are simpler to use but also fully compliment Necta’s overall design. For instance, the Call app comprises of big bold buttons which are easy to press, especially handy if the phone is to be used by kids or someone with poor sight. Similarly, there’s that essential weather app to keep a tab on forecast, the camera app to quickly capture photos without tinkering with complex settings as well as the barebones messaging app to conveniently send text messages.

Necta Launcher_Main Necta Launcher_Phone Necta Launcher_Msg

The app also sports a feature called Quick Dial which lets you add two important contacts that you frequently need to call right on the home screen. Interestingly, there’s an SOS feature (can be enabled in Settings) which lets you wave hands on the phone three times to send an SOS message to the Hot contact, which can prove useful in times of emergencies. The SOS message itself can be entered in the SOS Message section in Settings.

Other nifty and easy to use apps include Position (Google Maps) and Flashlight which can be used to turn on the LED flash of the device. Besides native apps, users can also add others apps installed on the device to the home screen. To do that, scroll all the way down the home screen and tap Add. Now mark the app(s) you want to add and tap the Add button again.

Necta Launcher_Add Necta Launcher_Apps Necta Launcher_Settings

There’s no shortage of Android launchers on Google Play, but Necta Launcher aims to differentiate itself by being the simplest and most user-friendly home screen replacement you will ever use. Download link of the Google Play is provided below.

Install Necta Launcher from Google Play Store

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